Hi there! I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for the past three years.
I also love Sewing projects, Gardening and other DIY projects!



From sketch

The first step is a sketch of the idea the client has for the Logo.
The sketch is raw and simple, however, it contains the general idea for the logo.
We brainstorm keywords, and join the elements coherently.

Branding Board

Once we have decided on the logo, we determine the color palette and fonts. 

Logo Proposal

The first proposal is sent to the client and awaits for revision. Adjustments are expected, which leads to the final Logo. 

Final Logo

The final Logo contains all the elements prioritized by the client. They interact harmonically and beautifully, and allign with the brand's style.

social media posts

Reel Promo for toy milk carton packaging

As part of a toy kitchen kit, I design the packaging of three toy milk cartons.
Programs used in the design:

- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop
- Blender
- Adobe Premiere PRO
- Adobe After Effects
- Canva

Packaging Design

Concept: Toy Chocolate milk carton for a Toy Kitchen Kit.

Crop Marks were added to the PDF file to make printing and cutting easier at home printers as well as professional printing machines.

Promo Pictures

Designs were tested at a home printer 

Social media post for a beverage company.

Concept: Vibrant summer colors for energetic drinks. Oriented to young audience.

Option 1: In the Daytime, the beach in the background, and palm leaves give it a fresh vibe. The sun is shining in the upper right corner and a splash of the beverages shines through the back of the cans.

Option 2: Sunset in the background, a beach party, and neon strikes through the cans give the post a fun, vibrant vibe. 

GIF for social media post .

Concept: Showcase different items from the Fall collection in a carousel.

GIF for social media post .

Concept: Prom Season shoes sale instagram post.

GIF for social media post .

Concept: Showcase a PC with a scrolling website, promoting the business.

3D Modeling and animation


From a Sketch to Modeling and Rigging, 3D elements take Design to the next Level!

I start with a sketch of each element in the scenario, and then I start modeling the items.

I create a storyboard and see how all the items look together in each frame

3D modeling gives us so many options! Close ups like this one make an eye-catching social media post.
From a Sketch to Modeling and Rigging, 3D elements take Design to the next Level!

No time for an actual set for your video? No problem! I can build entire scenarios, which turns out great for videos and promotions!

Seamless pattern DESIGN

Cupcakes & Sprinkles!

This sweet pattern features hand painted cupcakes, hearts and sprinkles watercolor illustrations. It makes an amazing print for wall paper or fabric!

Icecream & Sprinkles

Strawberry, Orange and Blueberry ice cream with sprinkles! A great pattern for summer!

Chocolate Chip Cookie delight

The Chocolate Chip Cookie pattern is a bright, lively design that looks like the cookies themselves. So grab a cookie and sweeten your projects!


Youtube Thumbnails

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